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Fred James

fred Our Team

Lead Copyeditor

Fred as the Lead Copyeditor, is responsible for supervising the content creation process of our team of skilled writers. His daily tasks involve reviewing and approving content for publication while ensuring its proper organization and accuracy. Thanks to his extensive experience and meticulous approach, Fred’s contributions have been invaluable in helping Upgrade 4 House exceed our goals. Besides, Fred is a proud homeowner from the Midwest. When not spending time with his family, you can find him busy cleaning the house or taking on a DIY home improvement project.

Oscar Scott

oscar Our Team

Lead Writer & Growth Strategist

With his extensive experience in writing about interior design, real estate, and housekeeping topics, Ossiana is our most seasoned writer. HE has been with us for a long time and uses his 10+ years of expertise to enhance our brand and expand our organic reach. Ossiana has previously worked with large teams, and his input has contributed significantly to Upgrade 4 House’s rapid growth by bringing in fresh ideas. Besides writing, Ossiana enjoys indulging in art and dabbling in real estate investments.

Raymond Reeves

raymand Our Team

Lead Writer & Editor

Raymond is an avid enthusiast of home improvement and design who takes pride in producing high-quality, detailed, and lengthy content. His expertise in this area is unparalleled, which can be attributed to his upbringing in an environment where home improvement projects were a constant feature. He credits his knowledge and skills to his time spent helping his father renovate his childhood home. As a resident of Los Angeles, Raymond devotes a significant portion of his time seeking out new DIY projects and sharing his passion for home design.

Larry Love

larry Our Team

Lead Writer

Larry Love, an accomplished writer hailing from NOLA, has a passion for DIY projects, home organization, and enhancing spaces’ aesthetics. His vast knowledge of home improvement is impressive, and he excels in handling complex projects that involve floor plans, dimensions, and construction-related articles. Over the past few years, Larry, along with his wife, has been devotedly renovating his grandparent’s old home.

Christopher Russell

chris Our Team

Conversion Copywriter

With a deep-rooted passion for home improvement, Christopher Russell is a prolific writer of our most technical home improvement guides. He aims to find the most practical and affordable solutions for fixing things around the home. One of his ongoing hobbies is upgrading his home kitchen. In his copywriting, Christopher not only educates our readers but also converts traffic into highly valuable leads for our partners. When not writing, Christopher Russell tends to his hydroponic vegetable garden.

Anthony Matthew

ant Our Team

Lead Copywriter & Editor

Anthony Matthew, one of our top copywriters and editors, boasts nearly a decade of experience crafting landing pages, cost guides, and blog posts. Holding a degree in Strategic Communication and possessing experience in both the account and creative realms, Anthony specializes in creating home remodeling content that strikes a chord with readers. When not writing, Anthony can be found rock climbing, embarking on adventures, pondering, and taking action.

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